Toronto Public Library: Palmerston

560 Palmerston Avenue
Toronto, ON M6G 2P7
(416) 393-7680

Palmerston Library

The event will be held in the performance theatre in the Palmerston Library – part of the Toronto Public Library System. The event will be open to the public with no admission fees for spectators.

The theatre is in the basement floor of the library. The library is open during the event, so both the library and the event will be accessible throughout the day. Anyone in the library can access the event for free, and those attending the event who wants to take breaks from the social environment are free to visit the quiet floors above. All event attendees will be asked to respect the quiet space in the library areas.

For more information about the library, visit


The library is located in the "Korea town" area in downtown Toronto, just steps away from Bathurst subway station and a variety of restaurants and shops.