MAY 20, 2017


Congratulations to the winners of ECR 2017! Freestyle videos are available in the following link.

Freestyle videos

1A division

Champion: Dino Li
2nd: Alexis JV
3rd: Elmer Fei

Open division

Champion: Alexis JV
2nd: Mason Lee
3rd: Sammy Park

About Eastern Canadian Regionals

Welcome to the official website of the Eastern Canadian Regionals 2017! Some of the finest return top players from Eastern Canada will be competing for this year's regional titles in Toronto, ON on May 20, 2017. As sanctioned by the Canadian Yo-yo Association (CANYA), the top 3 competitors from Ontario and Quebec will be seeded to the Canadian National Return Top Championship in 2018. Participants from other provinces or countries are also welcome to compete for prizes.

This event is family-friendly and open to the public for free. Spectators may enter this event without admission fees. Contestants must register here.

The social media hashtag is #ECRyoyo2017. We will be announcing updates via our Facebook event. Please join us and invite your friends!

Facebook event


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Please contact the organizer Wayne Ngan at for inquiries.